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Pool Remodeling & Renovation


Is your swimming pool ready for a remodel? If you answered yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to consider a pool remodel.

  1. Is your pool plaster too rough or failing due to debonded or broken areas?
  2. Are you experiencing pool leaks or cracks?
  3. Is your pool tile outdated or falling off the wall?
  4. Is your pool coping hollow or shifting away from the decking?
  5. Are you looking to add new features or enhance the look of your pool?

There are several reasons why you should consider remodeling your pool. If you notice that your pool plaster is too rough, cracked or peeling, then it’s definitely time for a remodel. Outdated or falling tiles, hollow pool coping, or the desire to add new water features are good reasons to remodel your pool. Whether you’re seeking to improve the look of your pool or you simply want a change, any of these reasons is a good reason for a pool remodel.

Pool Plastering in Dallas, TX

On the other hand, you may be interested in changing the color of your pool plaster or taking the next step in creating your backyard oasis by adding a spa or custom water features. Regardless of what motivates you to remodel your pool, the possibilities are endless. You should never feel limited by your existing pool when it comes to a remodel. One important factor to keep in mind for any pool remodel is to hire a quality contractor.

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Do You Need a Pool Remodel?

Original pool plaster that is bonded to the substrate can last a long time if the water chemistry is properly maintained. However, improper water chemistry can cause the plaster to deteriorate and become rough, making it easily stained. Acid washing should never be used to clean pool plaster, as it can etch the surface and weaken the plaster, causing stains to reappear and making the surface rough.

Pool tile can develop failures if it was not installed on the beam and is above the top of the gunite edge. This can subject it to pressure transferred from the pool deck when the ground around the pool swells or shrinks due to moisture changes. Custom Outdoor Trends always installs the tile first to avoid this issue.

Coping can lose its bond to the pool beam when the expansion joint between the deck and coping is not sufficient to protect it from ground movement under the decking. This can cause the coping to become loose and hollow, and the tile can start to lose its bond to the pool beam.

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Custom Outdoor Trends is a professional swimming pool sub-contractor, with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Since 2004, we have been working with residential and commercial customers, utilizing our own method of plastering that exceeds industry standards.

Our focus is to provide quality plastering and to build successful relationships with our clients to bring a strong understanding of the construction process to each project. This focus ensures that all our jobs are completed correctly.

Custom Outdoor Trends specializes in tile and coping installations, custom tile and stonework, deck overlay systems, and all plaster finishes for swimming pools for new construction projects, replasteirng, commercial projects, and backyard renovations.

We perform all of our services with our own employees and equipment. We are the sub-contractor.

Pool Plastering

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Pool Remodeling & Renovations

When looking for a contractor to remodel your pool, you should consider the following:

  • A contractor who keeps you informed of the daily schedule for your job and has the proper insurance (general liability, auto, and worker’s compensation).
  • A contractor who will be in business in the future, should any issues arise. Custom Outdoor Trends offers a 10-year guarantee on every pool they replaster.
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Pool Replastering Method

When planning to have your pool replastered, it’s essential for homeowners to inquire with their contractor about the duration of the plaster finish’s adherence to the substrate. At Custom Outdoor Trends, our process is backed by a 10-year guarantee, which is longer than any competitors.

The National Plasterers Council Technical Manual states that there are various acceptable methods for replastering. However, the standard method in our market (DFW) involves using a bond coat to attach the new plaster to the old plaster. Unfortunately, this common method has limitations due to the type and extent of bond coats used, resulting in hollow plaster. At Custom Outdoor Trends, we employ the best method, which avoids these shortcomings.

Replastering a pool doesn’t entail adding layers of plaster on top of each other. Although any plaster company can replaster a pool, if the previous replaster layer(s) are not removed before the replaster prep process, the investment won’t last long, and the replastering won’t be done correctly. It’s vital to remove all outer layers of plaster if there is more than one, or else it’s a bad practice that can jeopardize your investment. Ideally, a replaster should only be done on the original plaster layer.

There are two main types of bond coats used in the pool industry when replastering a pool, both of which can result in hollow plaster:

Manufactured bond coats, such as Multicoat, CLI, or SGM, designed for underwater use, are acceptable if the pool has never been replastered, and the existing plaster is solid. However, if there are multiple layers of plaster, they should be stripped off to find a non-hollow surface before applying a manufactured bond coat. The applicator must follow the manufacturer’s directions, and the quality of the finished product depends on the installer’s skill.

“Glue bond coats” or homebrews are widely used by some companies in DFW. They consist of glue with other components added to create a product that has not been designed for underwater use. Some companies use homebrews to save money, but they cannot guarantee the product will last. They hope it will survive for a year. Using a homebrew bond coat on your pool replaster investment is a bad practice. If you notice a company using a homebrew bond coat, you should stop them immediately and call Custom Outdoor Trends for professional and reliable replastering services.

The newly applied plaster is semi-permeable until the finish becomes hydrated enough to seal the pores. During this time, water can penetrate the plaster and reach the bond coat. This water can re-emulsify the homebrew, which can cause the bond between the plaster and the bond coat to fail. This can lead to hollow spots or “pop-offs” in the plaster. If the plaster begins to debond, patch repair may not match the existing plaster. To fix this problem and ensure a matching repair, the only solution is to completely replaster the pool.

To renovate the pool, the first step is to begin by draining it and eliminating the hydrostatic pressure. Then after using a saw to cut under the tile and chipping down 2-3 inches, the pool is tapped to detect and remove any hollow areas by chipping them out. An acid wash is then performed to clean the surface, followed by neutralizing it. Finally, a bond coat is applied to complete the renovation.

There are contractors who apply a bond coat over existing plaster without checking if the shell has loose or hollow areas. When a pool is drained, water may remain between the layers of plaster, which can conceal any hollow spots during a sound check. If the pool is prepped over loose plaster, the plaster finish may fail prematurely.

While Custom Outdoor Trends is frequently asked about the lifespan of a plaster finish, the more important question is how long the finish will remain adhered to the substrate. This is particularly significant with the availability of new types of plaster that are designed to last longer than traditional plaster. If the plaster company fails to perform a quality check of the existing shell, the finish may not last the 7-10 years that the manufacturer warrants. However, bond failure is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, and the plaster company that applied the bond coat will not be responsible for the failure as they did not warrant the bond of the finish.

To renovate your pool, start by draining it and relieving the hydrostatic pressure. Custom Outdoor Trends uses a Hydro Demo process that involves using a water jetting machine to apply 40,000 PSI of pressure to every square inch of the original plaster surface. This removes all organics, paint, weak plaster, and creates a superior anchor pattern for the new pool finish. This is the most effective preparation process available in the industry, and it sets Custom Outdoor Trends apart from the competition.

Our process is superior because it allows us to provide the best surface profile for the new plaster to adhere to, without the need for acid or bond coat. We can also avoid sandblasting paint in cases where the pool has been previously painted. Our Hydro Demo Prep Process eliminates delays due to weather concerns, unlike bond coat, which can be affected by rain or cold temperatures. Freezing temperatures during the night can also cause the bond coat to fail by crystallizing the moisture in it.

If the pool has been replastered in the past, that layer will be removed prior to the Hydro Demo to ensure a good substrate for the new plaster investment. This protects your investment from failing prematurely. Check out our videos to see how our process sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Custom Outdoor Trends (COT) warrants its pool finishing products against bond failure for ten (10) years from the date of installation. This bonding guarantee covers bonding only and is valid only if the original plaster layer is prepped with our water jetting machine. To ensure this warranty is in force, all previous replaster layers must be removed, which will incur an additional charge.

COT agrees to plaster the pool at the address on the contract and guarantees that for a period of five (5) years, the plaster will be watertight and will not debond, provided that the pool structure remains sound, the start-up procedures recommended by COT are followed, and the water chemistry after start-up is properly maintained in accordance with the instructions from COT. Proper water chemistry includes monitoring and maintaining total alkalinity, pH, hardness (calcium & magnesium), iron, copper, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

  • White Plaster has been around as long as pools have been built. When the sky is clear and water chemistry is on target, white plaster will make your pool water look a refreshing blue color. However, white plaster is considered the weakest plaster finish on the market. It cannot stand up to out of balance water chemistry very long. To help offset the weakness of white plaster we offer a Pozzolan*-Enhanced White Plaster. Our Pozzolan*-Enhanced White Plaster is a stronger finish than Standard White Plaster. We do not offer Standard White Plaster.
  • Sapphire Ultra-Poz is a unique polymer and pozzolan modified plaster finish. The quartz in this plaster finish will give the plaster a hint of color (blue) and will also make the plaster stronger as the quartz will not break down due to water chemistry imbalances. This finish performs much better than White Plaster or 50% Blue Quartz. COT is the only plaster applicator in the state of Texas with rights to offer this product due to our commitment with our 10 year warranty.
  • Marquis Magic is a unique blend of 100% quartz and is combined with cement modifiers with a touch of Mica for a finish that is both stunning and durable. Pozzolans* are added to our 100% quartz finishes as well. Adding a pigmented color to your 100% quartz plaster finish will allow the pool to have color no matter if it is a sunny or cloudy day. We offer several colors of pigment for you to choose from.
  • Pebble Finishes perform as well as 100% Quartz Finishes. Pebble Finishes have multi-colored pebble and pigment combinations that are designed to make your pool look like a natural lagoon. Pozzolans* are added to our pebble finishes as well. Keep in mind that this finish will have a textured feel to the touch.
  • Polished Finishes are comprised of marble, quartz, and glass accents that perform as well as 100% Quartz and Pebble Finishes. Pozzolans* are added to our polished finishes to further strengthen the finish. Polished finishes also allow you to have your choice of color added to the finish. Polished finishes are the smoothest on the market with a look that is similar to a pebble finish. Polished finishes can be re-polished in the future essentially giving you a new smooth pool finish years from now without the expense of a complete replaster.

Pool Plastering Repair

Are you in need of pool crack repairs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? The water in your swimming pool can cause damage to your pool and surrounding structures if it’s not under control. That’s why it’s important to have experts repair any leaks or cracks in your pool’s plaster.

It’s crucial to understand that straight, directional line cracks are structural and not plaster cracks. Plaster cracks are a result of cracked gunite substrate. Ignoring cracks in your pool can lead to further water loss, which can cause significant structural problems over time.

Cracks in swimming pools can be caused by various factors such as inadequate soil bearing capacity, improper placement of reinforcing steel, and water loss that causes soil to shift away from the pool. If you hire a company to repair these cracks, it’s important that they understand the root cause of the problem.

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