The ONLY pool remodel that comes with a 10-year warranty on your pool's replaster in the DFW area!

Why are we the smart choice for your pool?

Lasting strength

Our Hydro Demo Replaster method goes over every square inch of the original plaster surface to remove all organics, paint, weak plaster, and to create a superior anchor pattern for the new pool finish.

Cost effective

We guarantee our Hydro Demo Replaster for 10 years, compared to common replaster methods which typically require reapplication within much less time.

Artistic beauty

We will breathe new life and vibrant beauty into your pool, turning it into the backyard oasis of your dreams.

What is the Hydro Demo Replaster?

What’s wrong with conventional replaster methods?

  • The common replaster method uses something called a “bond coat” which is just another name for glue. The glue is usually cheap, the bond coat is homemade and not designed to be underwater.
  • The bond coat will be rolled or sprayed onto the surface of the pool. It does not allow for a strong bond with the plaster.  It is not uncommon for plaster to be hollow the day of plaster. 
  • This is why common replaster methods only come with a one-year warranty from the plaster company.


Our Hydro Demo Replaster method uses a 40,000 psi Water Jetting Machine to remove the old surface and create a profile for your new plaster to anchor to the pool shell. It will never fail.

We bring over 25 years of experience to your remodel.

Get lasting beauty and peace of mind with our Hydro Demo Replaster and 10-year warranty. Enter your information below or call us today!